Brisbane Markets Limited

    Your splendid efforts and rapid response under the circumstances are much appreciated, it’s

    because of such good quality work and dedication to BML that I will always remain confident in

    your abilities to perform quality work at this site. 

    Well done and thank you once again, you are a supplier of choice.

    Jessie Field, Operations Manager, Brisbane Markets Limited



    Sunshine Coast Grammar School

    Sunshine Pressure Wash are our preferred contractors for pressure cleaning all our facilities

    including walkways and shade structures.  They deliver high quality service, workmanship and are always reliable.

    They plan and execute their work when possible to minimise disruptions to our school.

    They have made themselves accountable for their work and have been responsive to our needs.

    Sunshine Coast Grammar School has no hesitation in recommending Sunshine Pressure Wash

    Dale Gobbe, Facilities and Site Operations Manager Sunshine Coast Grammar School, Forest Glen, Queensland